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Dr. Rebecca Davis is currently teaching at Antioch University Seattle as well as Ananda College in Laurelwood. Please check back for future workshops and events.

Past Events:


Tell Your Story: A Spiritual Autobiography
“Narrative” has become a buzz-word in our culture; we’ve learned that the stories we tell ourselves shape how we live our lives.  This class is for those who would like to give their life’s narrative a spiritual focus.

Art in Community
Explore the sometimes surprising interaction between images and words. Dr. Rebecca Davis and artist Jamuna Snitkin take you on an intuitive and inspiring journey to the source of creativity within yourself.

Journaling for Joy
Journaling can be a form of “Sadhana,” spiritual practice, that helps you become more Self-aware, inspired, and re-charged towards making life changes, small or large, for greater health and well-being. Dr. Rebecca Davis returns to Ananda to inspire and guide you to experience journaling as a meditation in writing. You do not have to be or think of yourself as a “writer” but as a seeker of truth, joy, and wisdom!

Writing with Spirit

East West Seattle Bookstore

Intuitive Writing
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Journaling for Joy
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Journaling with the Mystics
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