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What Rebecca's coaching clients say:

"Working with Rebecca was an absolute delight from the first contact through the entire process. I was surprised how much she was able to help me improve my style in such a short time. I sent several of the pieces she helped me with in to our local paper and they offered me a weekly column! 

Rebecca did not attempt to create me in her own image; rather she helped me find my own voice. She provided a gracious and honest assessment of my work, helping me learn to identify where my writing sparkles and where it falls into cliche. 

By far the best part of working with Rebecca was that she led me to greater self-awareness. By use of insightful comments, probing questions, and practical exercises, she helped me uncover deep structures of my thinking and existence. Working with her was much more than a writing workshop. It was a spiritual adventure led by a very competent guide."

Maury Robertson
Sutter California

"Rebecca is a born teacher. She knows how to motivate, inspire and critique in a very positive, constructive environment.  I know I would never have finished my book if she was not there at the beginning of the process."

Mona Meighan  Ed.D.
Author, What Are You Doing for Lunch?

What Rebecca’s students say:

“This is by far the best course I have ever taken.  I started out knowing nothing about writing and now I feel very confident in my stories.  Thanx!”

“I cannot say how very much I enjoyed this.  I wish I could get your feedback on everything I ever do!”

“Rebecca is a very motivating teacher who truly loves and understands the craft of writing.  Never before have I had a teacher as passionate as she, who has motivated me so incredibly into exploring myself as a writer and taking risks.  Her energy is amazing and it rubs off...very strong and positive.”  

 “This was really a wonderful course.  I learned so much I couldn’t possibly write it all down.  Rebecca was always extremely helpful and supportive.  She definitely deserves an “A”.

 “It was a blessing to be in this course.  Thanks for caring about us as people.  Rebecca, you rock!”

“Rebecca’s enthusiasm has inspired me to approach daunting topics with an open mind rather than, say, a groan.  She’s great about breaking down complex concepts and questions to make big projects manageable.  My writing now takes on a nice cohesive flow rather than being a mere string of independent paragraphs.”

“Rebecca’s written comments were absolutely the best I have ever had from any instructor, ever.  They were constructive, but still very critical.  It was evident that she cared a great deal about each word of mine that she read.”

“My writing has improved, and I have only grown to love writing more, due to the positive and constructive environment that Rebecca provided.  Her advice and comments were always beneficial to my writing process.”

“I have learned valuable skills in self-editing, and have learned to be more explicit and concise in my writing.”

“Rebecca always had a stellar attitude and was very open to others’ ideas.  It was evident that she paid the utmost attention to every paper I wrote—sometimes more than I did, myself.  She is very skillful in allowing her students to develop their own writing skills in their own personal way.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.  Wonderfully helpful comments on the drafts and during individual consultations.”